Pintastic is about FUN! Many who attend have a home game room. If you want to reach these people, consider becoming a sponsor. Your name will be in front of all who attend and even those who consider attending. These people want to know about interesting games and game room decor, and how they can magnify the fun in their lifestyle. They can also feel good about themselves for the charitable work and family-friendly atmosphere of Pintastic.

Your sponsorship cash helps Pintastic defray a variety of up-front expenses and improve year-by-year. If you provide relevant gifts-in-kind, your product becomes a prize or incentive that helps us drive increased attendance and volunteering. Past sponsors include game manufacturers, accessory and parts vendors, financial institutions, and retailers.

Choose the participation level that works best for you. The higher your level, the more exposure you get, with your own booth at the highest level. Of course, you can only get your logo on printed items if you sign up before the deadline for each item. Our current target for the T-shirt is to finalize the design on May 1.