Bring a Game That Earns Bonus Points

We want to encourage you to bring a distinctive game to the show! Your pinball machine can earn Bonus Points if your game meets one or more of the criteria below. Many pitch-and-bat baseball games also qualify for Bonus Points. Video games and other arcade games may earn points if one of this year’s Special Guests was involved in the creation of the game.

Most Wanted: games on Pinside’s Most Wanted list earn 2 Bonus Points. This includes all variants and remakes.

Manufacturers: most of the companies that are out of the pinball business and made fewer than 100 titles get some level of Bonus Points, 2-5. Many foreign manufacturers qualify.

Special Guest: if a game designer, artist, sound creator, software developer, or engineer is on our seminar program, then the games they worked on earn 1-3 Bonus Points. Note that Bonus Points are credited when the game arrives at the show, so if you choose to bring a game before knowing that the designer was a Special Guest, you still get the points!

Older: Any flipper pinball or pitch and bat game released 1946-1959 earns an extra point. Other electromechanical arcade games made in that postwar era also earn 1 Bonus Point.

Rarity: based on IPDB production quantity data, 2-9 points. Modern Limited Edition games earn 5 points if their limit is 1000 or less.

Custom games: points for artwork re-theme, new software and art, new P3 modules, and new-from-scratch pinball games, if you designed the custom features. You’ll earn 4-10 points depending on how much is original.

Pitch and bat games from any manufacturer other than Williams or Chicago Coin earn 3-8 Bonus Points.

Early registration, over a month before the show, gets an extra point.