• As part of your admission, you agree that your machine is in good working order and functioning properly. If for any reason that it should break down during the show, you agree to get it repaired and running again. To assist those who have their machines go down, we will have several great techs walking around inspecting and repairing games for you. All costs associated with these repairs are YOUR responsibility.

    All machines must be set to free play for everyone to enjoy. If you are bringing a game that does not have a free play option, please load it up with free credits and keep it loaded up throughout the show.

    You can remove the game after 6:00 PM Saturday without incurring an early-removal charge. We also have removal hours reserved on Sunday morning. Free-Play room staff may refer to the identifier card on the game and take necessary steps to verify ownership. Removal can go through the front doors of the Pavilion area at any time, and through the Vendor Hall on Saturday night until Midnight. (Exhibitors will also be removing their stuff on Saturday night.) On Sunday, there is some other function using the Vendor Hall.

    Pintastic is not responsible for any damage of any kind that your game sustains during the show, whether mechanically or cosmetically.

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