Friday, JULY 10th 2015

1:00 Lloyd Olson

Fast Relief from Pinball Troubles with LTG

2:00 John Greatwich

Pinball Playfields, Old and New

3:00 Hugh Spahr

SharpeShooter III: Creating a pinball machine in 365 days and 4742 easy steps

4:00 Gerry Stellenberg

Multimorphic P3: Moving the Industry Forward

7:00 Jack Guarnieri

An Evening with Jersey Jack Pinball

Saturday, JULY 11th 2015

12:30 Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres

Whoa Nellie! From Garage Shop to the Stern Shop

1:30 Dave Marston

The History of Pinball Fandom – 2015 Update

2:30 Roger Sharpe

Roger Sharpe’s World of Pinball

3:30 reserved for late-breaking news

Includes Dan Spolar: Pinball As Therapy; Cardboard Teck Instantute presenting PinBox 3000; GameRoom Magazine update; more?

4:00 Andrew Heighway

Heighway Pinball Update

7:00 Lloyd Olson

The LTG Show