Pinball machines exhibited are eligible to win a blue ribbon in each of the following categories:

  • Best Antique (pre 1960)
  • Best 60’s
  • Best 70’s Electro-Mechanical
  • Best 70’s Solid State
  • Best Early 80’s (1980-85)
  • Best Late 80’s (1986-89)
  • Best 90’s
  • Best Modern (2000-present)
  • Best Custom Design


Exhibited machines set up by 1:00 PM Friday, available for free play, and which haven’t won a ribbon in previous years at Pintastic, are eligible for a Best In Play Blue Ribbon award. A judging committee, headed up by local collector/restorer “Dr. Dave” David O’Neil, will make the final decision on which pins win ribbons. Judging takes place all day and night Thursday through 3:00 PM Friday. Final decisions and Blue Ribbon placement on games will be done early Friday evening. This will enable the weekend show attendees to see, admire and play the Blue Ribbon winners.

The goal of the Best In Play awards is to reward the collectors that put so much time and effort into their games and share them with the patrons of Pintastic. Best in Play awards will only be awarded to games still present and set up at Pintastic  on Friday evening and awarded to the person who registered the game. Auction, vendor, and tournament games, as well as any game not free to play and games brought by Gabe (the show’s owner),
are not eligible. See the past winners here.
Some of the judging considerations may include, but are not limited to, cosmetic condition with emphasis on factory originality restoration, mechanical condition, attention to detail (optimized game play/playing correctly including game levelling/pitch), quality of touch-ups and restoration (if any), game rarity or popularity, game cleanliness (quality of shop job), modifications (1990’s and later), and overall appeal.
Bring out your best!