Be Our Extra Ball

In pinball, an Extra Ball is an unexpected lifeline that helps you continue to enjoy your game. We’d love to have you as a Volunteer on our team as we continue to grow and provide a great time for all attendees and participants of Pintastic New England. With the ability to choose your assignments and shifts, you can be an insider for part of the time and still get the fun of attending the show.

At Pintastic we value our volunteers! Volunteering for one 4-hour shift gives you free standard admission to the show on the day you volunteer. Volunteering for at least four hours in a single day also gains you admission that day to the Volunteer Lounge, which offers free refreshments, snacks, and a chance to mingle with other volunteers. You’re also earning at least two Bonus Points per hour worked! We’ll need help all four days of the show and a few earlier in June. The main areas that need volunteers are: Free Play Room setup, Vendor Hall setup, Tech Team for game repairs, Door Monitors, Game Bringer registration, and general setup.

With more hours come more rewards, some from our prize list and some surprise bonus awards given at the discretion of Team Leaders. At 8 hours of volunteering,  you qualify for the Special When Lit After-Party Friday night!

Use the button below to register your interest through our ticketing system. Your submission will be confirmed as if you were buying a ticket. You will then be contacted by one or more of our Team Leaders to discuss what you could do in detail.