• A game that is up and running earns an admission credit for each day it is available in FREE play.
  • Entrance into the exclusive Friday night  Special When Lit party, if the game is in Free Play on Friday.
  • Free Play lanyard and badge (if you have games in Free Play Friday and Saturday)
  • Entry into the Extra Ball Lounge from 8:00 PM to 6:00 AM for the nights after your game is set up in Free Play
  • One entry per game in our thank-you giveaway drawing. See below for more info. (Only games on the free play floor at 10:00 PM Saturday night will be eligible to win.)  BONUS: Each game registered before October 25th earns two entries per game!
  • Bonus Points for all pinball games and many other coin-op games, which count toward prizes as shown in our Prize Table
  • BONUS: Any DMD game put into free play from set up Thursday to end of show Sunday will get a FREE Rock Custom Pinball back-panel illumination mod or $50 off a regular-priced under cab light kit. Plus FREE installation at the show!
  • Selling opportunity: see below….

One of the incentives for bringing games is that they can be offered for sale without the expense and hassle of taking a vendor booth or flea market space. While being showcased in this way, the game is subject to early-removal fees, where “early” is before 8:00 PM Friday or Saturday. Games are not allowed to be removed on Thursday unless an emergency arises. If a game is sold and the buyer does not wish to keep the game available, the seller and buyer should negotiate how the early-removal fee will be covered. On the back of the game card, there is space for the buyer and seller to “sign off” so that our staff will know who is authorized to remove the game.


For every pinball machine and arcade game put into the Free Play area, you get one entry into the thank-you give away. Only if the game stays on-site until 10:00 Saturday night, the bringer can win prizes in the drawing. There is ONE prize of $500 cash, THREE prizes of $200 cash, and FOUR prizes of $100 cash. A person can only win one of the cash prizes; we draw the largest ones first. We will also have over $1,000 in merchandise prizes from our vendors and sponsors, which can be won in addition to a cash prize.  All winners will be drawn at 10:30 Saturday night. Want a better chance to win? Register before October 25th to get two entries for each pinball machine you bring.


Beyond the above rewards, you can also win Bonus Points if your game meets one or more of the criteria listed on our Bring a Game That Earns Bonus Points page. All gift items are offered while supplies last.


**Set up 3 DMD or newer games in FREE PLAY from Thursday to Sunday and get upgraded to 24HR access for one person to the Extra Ball Lounge!



We understand that not everything goes as originally planned. If you know about the substitution before November 16th, log in to MyFlipR (using the button above) and modify your list. If it’s November 16th or later, just bring it.


For the games that cannot set free play in the play pricing, either set a replay score that is very low and easily achieved, and load the game with credits at the start of each day, or install a button that simulates inserting a coin or adds a credit. On electromechanical games having a credit unit and replay button, find the switch that opens when the credits are at zero and modify that switch so that it is always closed.


The best time to bring it is on Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Thursday is a setup day and is not open to the public until 6:00 PM.  On Thursday, use the free play entrance in the front middle of the building to make it easier for loading and unloading games. If you bring a game Thursday, it also gives you a chance to see and meet others who have done the same thing in the evening. We are prepared to have some games come in while the public is playing, but designated setup times are best for everyone. Friday through Sunday, the back doors will be closed and locked. Friday starting at 7:00 AM will also be available for setting up games before the show opens to the public. The front entrance will have to be used. During the show, you will want to pull up to the front and notify the Pintastic registration staff that you have games to unload.  If you need help, please don’t hesitate to ask and our volunteer staff will assist you.


Free-Play room staff will take your name and name(s) of the games and direct you about where they are placed. Games are placed at our discretion and may include special clusters of related games. We reserve the right to verify that the game is in good working order. All games that have a grounding plug must actually be grounded. Each game will be given an identifier card, where you can mark whether the game is for sale or not. We will qualify you for other perks (such as the Friday night after-party), establish how to contact you if the game needs repairs or other attention, and have you sign off that you have read the rules.


Thursday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM is not open to the public, so you can use the front entrance for loading and unloading. Anytime through about 9:00 PM will be available, but be aware that the public will be in the room after 6:00 PM.


You can remove the game after 8:00 PM Friday and Saturday without incurring an early-removal charge. But we strongly request that all games stay in free play for the entire event.  Free-Play room staff may refer to the identifier card on the game and take necessary steps to verify ownership. Removal can go through the front doors of the free play registration area. At that time you will be checked out by a Pintastic volunteer. You can kick back and enjoy yourself Saturday night!  Hang out with the special guests ’til late in the evening. Get some rest and pack up in the morning. Or commit to keep the game in the room all day Sunday and get a Bonus Point!


If the game needs to be removed early on Friday or Saturday due to being sold (and the new owner does not elect to leave it in the room on free play), unrepairable breakdown, travel constraints, etc. then a $35.00 early-removal fee applies.  Games that are set up on Thursday should not be removed unless special circumstances arise. Fee for Thursday removal is $60. Gabe will need to sign off on the back of your game card for any game that leaves early and would require a fee being paid. Free-Play room staff may refer to the identifier card on the game and take necessary steps to verify ownership. Keep in mind if your game is removed, you will no longer be able to win any of the prizes in the thank-you giveaway.