Any game that is up and running earns an admission for each day that it’s available in Free Play. If you bring a game for one day, you will get wristband admission for that day. If you bring a game for the full show, you will receive a lanyard and badge that will not only provide general admission for the full weekend, but will also give you entrance into the exclusive Friday night Special When Lit party and the Extra Ball Lounge during the Premium admission hours.


One key incentive for bringing games is that they can be offered for sale without the expense and hassle of taking a vendor booth or flea market space. While game-bringers maintain full control over any sales, Pintastic supports these efforts with special signage indicating games are for sale and making available online a real-time updated list of available games to attract more potential buyers. Please note that removal of games outside of the standard removal time windows (8:00-11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday or anytime on Sunday) is subject to an early removal fee. Game buyers who choose to keep the game on site will NOT receive additional admissions for the game, nor will they be eligible for game-bringer rewards if the game stays on site through the entire show, unless negotiated as part of the sale and updated as part of the sale logging process at the Game Bringer desk.


For every pinball machine and arcade game put into the Free Play area, you get one entry into the Thank-You Giveaway. If the game stays on site until 10:00 PM Saturday night, the bringer can win prizes in the drawing. There is one prize of $500 cash, two prizes of $200 cash, and six prizes of $100 cash. A person can only win one of the cash prizes; we draw the largest ones first. We will also have over $1,000 in merchandise prizes from our vendors and sponsors, which can be won in addition to a cash prize. All winners will be drawn at a Sunday Morning session in the Seminar Room. Must be present to win. Want a better chance to win? Each game registered before March 1st earns two entries per game!


If your game has a monochrome dot matrix display (DMD) and you have been considering the upgrade to color, ColorDMD has a standing offer of $50 off a ColorDMD package that is purchased and installed at Pintastic. See their online store for the list of games that have this upgrade available.

IF YOU BRING 4 DMD OR NEWER GAMES FOR FREE PLAY AND LEAVE THEM FOR THE WHOLE SHOW: get your game provider’s badge upgraded to 24-hour access to the Extra Ball Lounge!

Registration is now open!



We understand that not everything goes as originally planned. If you know about the substitution before June 13th, log in to MyFlipR (using the button above) and modify your list. If it’s June 13th or later, we appreciate being notified, but you can just bring it if you have a last-minute change.


For the games that cannot set free play in the play pricing, either set a replay score that is very low and easily achieved, and load the game with credits at the start of each day, or install a button that simulates inserting a coin or adds a credit. On electromechanical games having a credit unit and replay button, find the switch that opens when the credits are at zero and modify that switch so that it is always closed. Please let the Free Play staff know of any credit concerns at load-in, and we highly recommend leaving a key with the Repair Team so they can resolve any credit issues without needing to contact you.


The best time to bring your games is on Thursday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, as the show is not open to the public until 6:00 PM, and you can freely unload and set up your machine. When you arrive, use the free play entrance on the function room side of the building to make it easier for loading and unloading games and proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk to start the check-in process. If you need to arrive after the show opens to the public, please pull up in front of this entrance and notify the Pintastic Game Registration staff that you have games to unload before bringing your games in. There will be hand trucks on hand to help with moving your games into the free play room, but please bring any tools you will need for breaking down/setting up your game. If you need any help with getting a game set up, please don’t hesitate to ask and our volunteer staff will assist you. All games must pass a safety check on the floor.


When you arrive, use the free play entrance (look for signs) to make it easier for loading and unloading games and proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk, which is located near the entrance to the Free Play area to start the check in process. If you need to arrive after the show opens to the public, please pull up in front of this entrance and notify the Pintastic Game Registration staff that you have games to unload before bringing your games in.


The MyFlipR™ system provides a real-time way for game bringers to pre-register games, list games for sale, and be notified of any technical issues that might arise. It also lets buyers and pinball enthusiasts know what you’ll be bringing ahead of time, and helps you generate interest in your games, whether to get the best price or just to show off your collection. The first step is to register for a MyFlipR™ account and log the games you plan on bringing.

Upon arrival, proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk, where the staff will officially check in your games within MyFlipR™ and the Free Play staff will assist you in placement within the Free Play room. Games are placed within the Free Play room at the discretion of Pintastic Staff and may include special clusters of related games. We highly recommend leaving a spare key when checking in, to enable the Repair Team to resolve minor issues such as stuck balls or missing credits without needing to contact you. Once your game is set up and passes a safety review with the Free Play staff, you will receive your show admissions. Please note that games may be moved around the room during the weekend for many reasons, such as to improve crowd flow.


You can remove your games after 8:00 PM on Friday and Saturday without incurring an early-removal charge, although games that remain playable in the Free Play room for the entire event are eligible for cash and merchandise prizes. To remove your game, please take the card from your machine and proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk. During standard removal hours or after early removal fees have been paid at the Box Office, the Game Registration staff will check out your games, and you will be instructed on the best path for removing your game from the floor. Please note that if you intend to have a different person remove the game from the floor, you will need to register them as an authorized game remover. No machines will be allowed to leave the building without the original owner/bringer or an authorized game remover’s consent, and there will be additional security checks during the removal process to ensure a safe transition back to your vehicle.

The removal process is very easy no matter when you do it, but why not take advantage of all that Pintastic has to offer and plan on Sunday removal? You can kick back at the concert and events on Saturday night! Hang out with the Special Guests ’til late in the evening. Get some rest and pack up in the morning. Or commit to keeping the game in the room until closing on Sunday and get a Bonus Point!


Of course we all wish that the fun would never end, but at some point you or a new owner will want to take your games back home to enjoy. During standard game removal hours (8:00-11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday or anytime on Sunday) games may be removed without penalty. If the game needs to be removed outside of these hours, there will be a fee for early removal. Games being removed early on Friday or Saturday are subject to a removal fee of $35. Games removed on Thursday should not be removed unless special circumstances arise, and will incur a fee of $60. To pay removal fees, bring the game card to the Box Office, where staff will process the fees and approve the removal, then proceed to the Game Bringer Registration desk to begin the check-out process. Keep in mind that if your game is removed, you will no longer be eligible to win any prizes in the Thank-You Giveaway.