Please feel free to get in touch using the form. We’d love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have! Some questions have been answered in the FAQ below.


April 10th to April 13th

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel

181 Boston Post Road West (U.S. Route 20), Marlborough, MA


When and where is Pintastic 2025?

April 10-13 (Thursday to Sunday)

Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel

181 Boston Post Road West (U.S. Route 20), Marlborough, MA

Do the games cost anything to play?

Only certain charity and pindemption tournament games need money to play. All games in all the free-play rooms are free with your paid admission.

What’s the best way to see the Expo schedule?

On our web site and in handouts at the show.

What if I don’t have a smartphone? How can I see a schedule of all that is happening?

You can utilize our website for information about the event. Please check back often as these are updated frequently. The seminar schedule will also be posted closer to the event date.

Is outside food allowed inside the Expo?

No. Exceptions will be made for people with food sensitivities or medical conditions. Small snacks and baby food are okay.

Is there food available at the venue?



I’m bringing a working game to the expo, can I offer it up for sale?

Yes! Many of the games you’ll see at the show will be for sale. We provide a “game card” to place on your game to indicate if it is for sale or not, how much it is, and who to contact for more information. When you register the game on-line, it gets entered into a game list that will help people find it at the show. We do ask whether or not your game sells to keep it on the show floor until the end of the show.  See the Free Play Game Registration page for more details.

Can I bring a non-working, or barely working game to sell?

You could set up in the outdoor flea market if you have several. If you have just one, best to advertise on-line before the show that you will have it in your vehicle. You can also post a for sale flyer on our bulletin board (suggested 5.5″ x 8.5″ max) with a phone number and/or email for contact.

I want to buy a game for my home. Will there be games for sale at the Expo?

Yes! Many of the games you’ll see at the show will be available for purchase directly from their owners & authorized distributors. If you purchase a game from one of the free-play rooms, we ask that you not remove it until the end of the expo. [Games bought elsewhere, such as in the Vendor Hall, can be removed immediately.] There’s a $35 fee per game for early removal from the Free Play room.

Do I have to register as a “vendor” to sell my game?

No. You can bring any number of working games to place in the free-play room until the early-removal time on that said day or else the early-removal fee will apply. These games can be labeled as being for sale.

You do have to register as a flea-market vendor to offer games to people walking through the parking lot, but you do not need to register if you only use the parking lot to deliver games or parts in a pre-arranged sale. Vendor packages are usually reserved for businesses who sell more than just games or who wish to have a more “visible” presence with signage and a central location.


Can I buy an Experience package for just one day?

Technically yes. The Experience packages are an exclusive experience for multiple days of the event only. Single Day Passes are available if you wish to only attend for one day.

I have an Experience package, can my young child get in early with me?

If you bought your child a 4-day pass, that child can get in an hour early on Friday and Saturday, same as you.

I want to buy the Experience package but also bring a game for the free-play area – how does that work?

You can do both if you want, but they are totally independent. An LE package or bringing a game gets you into the after-party.

Can I gift my pass to a friend?

Yes. You can physically give the printed QR code voucher to them to bring to the show and go into the ticketing system to change the name on the ticket to their name.

Once I enter the show, can I leave and come back?

Yes, your ticket gives you unlimited access to the show for the day or weekend (depending on which ticket you purchase.) Depending on your ticket type you will receive either a 1-day wristband or badge/lanyard that will give you access to the show. 1-day wristbands expire at 2:00 AM the following morning, except Sunday’s expires at show closing time.

If I can’t attend for some reason, can I get a refund for my pass?

Pintastic has a no-refund policy. Please make other arrangements for your ticket such as gifting it away. Pintastic’s policy is no resale of Passes or other Afton products to protect Pintastic from the fraudulent sale of passes.

I am having a problem with my tickets! Help!

For Registration and ticketing support, please submit a request through the contact form above.

Can I buy passes at the door?

You can buy them at the door, but we will most likely sell out of Limited Edition passes. Passes purchased at the event do not qualify for the pre-order discounts, perks, or incentives. All Passes purchased at the event will be priced higher than the advance-purchase price.

Which hotels should I stay in?

Get the most out of your Pintastic visit this September by booking a hotel room ASAP. Pintastic has reserved discounted room blocks at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel. We are in contact with other nearby hotels in case they are needed. Check our Hotels page for the latest info.

Can I bring my own camera?

Yes! We highly encourage you to do so, as there will be lots to photograph! However, please be respectful and do not take photographs of any attendee, or celebrity guest without their permission.