The Silverball Rumble

You will choose 5 games from the bank to make 1 entry. You will be awarded points on each game based on how your score rates against other players scores on the same game. The highest score on a game is awarded 100 points. 2nd highest is 90 points. 3rd highest is 85. It then goes down in 1 point increments from there. 4th, 84, 5th, 83……

All games rulings and malfunctions will be decided on by the IFPAPA rules set :

The Silverball Rumble takes place September 8th-9th at the Pintastic New England Show in Marlborough MA at the Best Western Royal Plaza Hotel.

This is a Stern Pro Circuit event. Register for it and follow the action on our NeverDrains (DTM) page.

This will be an unlimited PAPA style qualifying format. Quantities, prices, and times below are for the 2022 event; there may be adjustments for 2023, when we will have more space!

There will be a bank of 12 games from all eras. The games list is subject to change.
  • List will be posted here later

Your first entry is $20. Each entry purchased after that is $10. The prize pool is determined by the entry fees taken in minus trophy, setup of tournament costs and IFPA/Stern Pro Circuit Fees. All 24 finals qualifiers will receive a prize money payout, a 2022 Pintastic pint glass and Silverball Rumble Enamel key chain. Trophies will be awarded for the top 3 overall after finals and top 3 qualifiers in the 17 and under age range. Prize money will be paid out as follows:

  • 1st-24% of prize pool
  • 2nd-18%
  • 3rd-13%
  • 4th-9%
  • 5th-8th 3%
  • 9th-16th 2%
  • 17th-24th 1%

Registration will start at 11:00 AM Friday morning. Qualifying will take place from 12 Noon-8:00 PM on Friday and 10:00 AM-2:00 PM on Saturday. Last game for each day must be started by the cutoff time. Any unstarted entries can not be refunded. Must have a ticket fully completed at closing of qualifying to be submitted. Volunteer scorekeepers will be given a scorekeeper block to qualify Friday night 8:30-9:30 PM.

Finals will take place at 3:00 PM on Saturday for the top 24 qualifiers. The top 8 qualifiers will get a bye for the first round of finals. Any ties in qualifying cut line or for top 8 cut line will be broken by the highest single game score on the qualifying ticket. If there is still a tie we go to the second highest qualifying score and so on. The format for the finals is head to head, best of 5 matches a round. Finals will last for 5 rounds. There will be a match in the 5th round for 3rd and 4th place as well. For each match, the top seed will have a choice of game or play order. The other player will have the choice of whichever their opponent did not pick. When choosing a game there will be no waiting. Players must choose an open game. For each game after the first, the loser of the previous game has a choice of game or play order.


Registration Requirements for the SilverBelle Brawl at Pintastic New England:

The SilverBelle Brawl will be limited to 32 players. There will be 24 pre-registered spots, now all taken, and NEW this year, there will be 8 spots available to sign up in-person the morning of the event. This event is open to all cis and trans women, as well as nonbinary players who are comfortable in a space that centers on the experiences of women. Ticketed entry to Pintastic New England and appropriate Covid-19 safety measures for all players are required, including masks, and either proof of vaccine or recent negative test.

To prepare for registration, you will need Internet access with your own email address for confirmations. If you have ever played in a tournament where IFPA points were awarded, you should know your IFPA player number, which can be found at Membership in the Boston Belles & Chimes Facebook group is not required (nor is a Facebook account), but is encouraged.

TO REGISTER: All 24 pre-registered spots have been filled. If you pre-register and need to cancel, please email

There will be 8 in-person spots available to sign up for on the morning of the tournament, potentially more if pre-registered spots are not all filled. Registration for those spots will be open  30 minutes prior to the tournament start on Sunday, June 26th, between 9:00 and 9:30 AM EDT. Spots will be filled in order of arrival at the SilverBelle Brawl registration desk, located at the entrance of the Club Room at Pintastic New England. Once the tournament begins, in-person registration will close.

If you are planning to register in-person, please have your IFPA number (if any).

Questions about the tournament may be sent to


On Saturday afternoon at 1:00, there will be a tournament for youth born after June 25, 2010 but before June 26, 2013 (in other words, ages 9-11 on that day). Entries are free, but there is a limit of 3 entries. Only the highest score by a person will count. This tournament will take place in the Kid Zone of the Vendor Hall.

On Saturday afternoon at 1:00, there will be a tournament for kids aged under 9 (born after June 25, 2013). Entries are free, but there is a limit of 3 entries. Only the highest score by a person will count. This tournament will take place in the Kid Zone of the Vendor Hall.


On Thursday night at 8:00, there will be a WPPR-rated tournament in the Club Room. The format is a 3-Strike Group Knockout. The limit of 64 players has been reached, but a waiting list is available. Advanced registration is required, and waiting list spots can be requested from this web page. Ticketed entry to Pintastic New England is required.

On Friday night/Saturday morning at Midnight, there will be a Midnight Madness tournament, also in the Club Room. WPPRs will be awarded! The format is a sudden death Group Knockout. Limit of 64 players. Registration is on-site only and starts at 11:00 PM Friday.