2021 Speakers & Guests


Our experimental Thursday night seminar, starting around 7:00 PM, will be a workshop on best practices for commentary when streaming competitive pinball play. Levi Nayman will lead the discussion, and we plan to have a streaming rig over a game for real play-by-play action.


Friday morning at 10:00 AM, we will have “Flow States and the Quest for the Infinite Ball” for players who want to learn about mental conditioning for better play! The afternoon will have technical topics, including the deep dive on JJP Guns N’ Roses pinball at 2:00 PM and our famous Homebrew Game Developers panel at 3:30. At 1:00, we will have Mike Minchew talking about pinball flyers and showing some gems from his massive collection. Friday night at 7:00 PM will have Todd Tuckey and his crew talking about some bad examples of pinball they have encountered when on buying excursions.


Saturday morning begins at 9:30 with our famous “late-breaking news” segment, then Guest Artist Kevin O’Connor comes in at 11:00 AM for a chat about his career in commercial art, focusing on his pinball work. For the afternoon, starting at 1:00 PM, we are still pursuing guests from the pinball manufacturers to give their respective company updates. The Stern update will be at 1:00. At 1:30, we’ll get an update on the progress of the “Arcade Dreams” documentary, and at 3:00, Martin Ayub will sit down with Dave Marston for a review of the pinball business in the 21st century. We have David Fix of American Pinball scheduled at 4:00 PM. Late Saturday afternoon, we will have an autograph session. At 6:00 PM, Martin Ayub sits down with Jack Guarnieri for an update about Jersey Jack Pinball.

You can see typical seminars we offer on our Past Speakers page.


Eric Meunier

Game Designer, Jersey jack Pinball


Kevin O’Connor

Pinball Artist for Stern (and others in the past)


John Borg

Game Designer, Stern Pinball


Jack Guarneri

Jersey Jack Pinball


David Fix

American Pinball


Todd Tuckey

TNT Amusements


Mike Minchew

Owner of the world's most complete pinball flyer collection


Martin Ayub

Editor of Pinball News


Levi Nayman

NYCPC tournament organizer and commentator


Reby Hardy

Pinball Artist


Tasker Smith

Technical Instructor at MIT