2024 Speakers & Guests

Near-final schedule...check back for refinements.


10:00 Playing Tips from Eric Stone

11:00 Panel discussion: Things an Aspring Tournament Director (TD) Should Know (This panel will also be informative for operators who have or are considering a pinball-centric location.)

12:30 Mark Gibson talks about EM PInball Machines: Keeping Score Without Chips

2:00 Eric Selak will present “Gottlieb’s Critical Mass – The Abandoned Prototype Pin” and discuss how Gottlieb “looked outside” for game designers. The actual prototype will be at the show, its first showing outside Pennsylvania in over 40 years!

3:30 Homebrew Developers panel

5:00 Frank Lindenmuth with some tricks and traps for repairing solid-state games (beyond the basics).

6:30 Barrels of Fun CEO David van Es will take a few questions about what the company is doing. Then, Bowen Kerins does a playing demonstration of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth under the camera rig.


9:00 Late-Breaking News

10:00 A progress report from the Arcade Dreams movie team, with clips. (Recording prohibited…see it live only!)

11:00 American Pinball update with Steven Bowden, Ryan McQuaid, Brianna Reynolds, and (tentatively) David Fix.

The autograph Session has been moved to Noon, out in the Foyer.

12:30 Todd Tuckey, Frank Lindenmuth, and gang talk about Electronic Pinball Troubleshooting Made Easy.

2:00 Introduction to Competitive Pinball, which will give the uninitiated an overview of the world of pinball tournaments and leagues. Following at 3:00, there will be a novices-only tournament hosted by SNHPC in their Club Room.

3:00 John Borg does a fireside chat with David Marston.

4:00 Bill Grupp steps out on his own to discuss the programming work he did on the new Elton John game, plus other insights from his work starting with Demolition Man 30 years ago.

6:30 Jersey Jack Pinball update, with food

You can see typical seminars we offer on our Past Speakers page.


Jack Guarnieri

Jersey Jack Pinball


David van Es

CEO of Barrels of Fun


John Borg

Game Designer


Todd & Frank

TNT Amusements


Reby Hardy


Bill Grupp Programmer


Eric Stone

World Pinball Champion


Steve Ritchie

Pinball Designer


Michael Grant

Stern Pinball


Mark Seiden

Jersey Jack Pinball


Brian Soares

Gameroom Pinball, LLC


Bowen Kerins


Raymond Davidson

Programmer, Stern Pinball