Past Speakers

You can see some of these seminars on our YouTube channel.


Friday, April 12th 2024

10:00 Eric Stone
Playing Tips (with volunteer student)
11:00 Panel discussion
Things an Aspring Tournament Director (TD) Should Know
12:30 Mark Gibson
EM Pinball Machines: Keeping Score Without Chips
2:00 Eric Selak
Gottlieb’s Critical Mass – The Abandoned Prototype Pin
3:00 Homebrew developers panel
5:00 Frank Lindenmuth
Not-so-basic tips and tricks for solid-state game repair
6:30 David van Es, Bowen Kerins
Barrels of Fun update with demonstration of Jim Henson’s Labyrinth

Saturday, April 13th 2024

9:00 Late-Breaking News
(we had news from Glimmerhold, Skyscraper Novelty, Multimorphic, Long Island Pinball Society, etc.)
10:00 Zach Weddington and team
Update on the Arcade Dreams documentary
11:00 Steven Bowden, Ryan McQuaid, Brianna Reynolds
American Pinball Update and tips about playing Barry O’s Barbecue Challenge
12:30 Todd Tuckey, Frank Lindenmuth and crew
Electronic Pinball Troubleshooting Made Easy
2:00 Sam Keogh
Introduction to Competitive Pinball
3:00 John Borg
Fireside chat with David Marston
4:00 Bill Grupp
Talks with David Marston about game development, Elton John, and what programmers do
5:00 Autograph Session
6:30 Jack Guarnieri, Steve Ritchie, Bill Grupp, Mark Seiden, etc.
Jersey Jack Pinball Update


Thursday, September 7th 2023

7:00 PM Movie: Token Taverns

Friday, September 8th 2023

10:00 Eric Stone
Playing Tips (with volunteer student)
11:00 Amber Lee
Protect Your Supple Wrists and Hands
1:00 John Day
Custom Hybrid Solid State Microprocessor Controller in an EM Pinball Machine (to update the rules)
2:00 Dick Hamill and John Turner
Retro Pin Upgrade: How to Create & Run New Rules on Solid State Machines
3:00 Homebrew developers panel
4:00 Operator Panel – Pinball in Street Locations (Not Arcades)
7:00 Bowen Kerins
Demonstration of Final Resistance

Saturday, September 9th 2023

9:30 Late-Breaking News
(we had news from FunSpot, Glimmerhold, Dino Gaspari, Project Pinball, etc.)
11:00 Todd Tuckey, Frank Lindenmuth and crew
Specializing Your Workshop for Pinball Work
1:00 Alyssa Alsheimer, with Belles & Chimes panel
Bringing Everyone to the Playfield: a sustainable, approachable future for the pinball community
2:00 Ryan McQuaid and Peter Monroe
Working as Professional Game Developers at American Pinball
3:00 Ryan Banfi
Pinball and Gambling: Illegalities and Controversies
4:00 Michael Grant
Recent Happenings at Stern Pinball
5:00 Autograph Session
6:30 Jack Guarnieri, Steve Ritchie, etc.
Jersey Jack Pinball Update, plus birthday greetings to Mike Daddona


Thursday, JUNE 23rd 2022

7:00 PM Podcasters panel
Lauren Gray, Joe Lemire, and Dave O’Neil discuss podcasting

Friday, JUNE 24th 2022

9:30 AM Eric Stone
Tips for Playing Better Pinball
11:00 AM Lauren Gray & Rebecca Salam
Building a Podcast in your Community
1:00 PM Dave Marston & Dave Metrando
Modifying a Dual-Mode Add-A-Ball to Use Both Modes
2:15 PM Ryan Zlomek
Finding Pinball’s Next Generation
3:15 PM Custom game builders panel
4:30 PM Todd Tuckey, Frank Lindenmuth, et al.
Pinball Mods and Musts You Can Do Cheaply
7:00 PM Kris Medina
The Pinball Scene in New York City
plus remembrances of Al Cihak

Saturday, JUNE 25th 2022

9:30 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
(we had news from Prince Edward Island, Dino Gaspari on avoiding fuel surcharges from truckers, and the Project Pinball update)
11:00 AM Roger Sharpe with Dave Marston
What If WMS Pinball stayed intact?
1:30 PM Brian O’Neill and Ron Richards
Inside Scorbit and the latest Scorbit news
2:15 PM David Fix, Steve Bowden, Ryan McQuaid
American Pinball update
3:00 PM – Full Tilt, a documentary film by Ben Willms
3:45 PM – Jim Patla, pinball game designer and engineering executive
Fireside Chat with Dave Marston about Jim’s career
Autograph session just before 5:00 PM
6:00 PM Jack Guarnieri, Steve Ritchie, Mark Seiden
Jersey Jack Pinball Update


Thursday, NOVEMBER 18th 2021

7:00 PM Levi Nayman
Workshop on commentary for streamed pinball play video

Friday, NOVEMBER 19th 2021

10:00 AM Tasker Smith
Flow states and the Quest for the Infinite Ball
1:00 PM Mike Minchew
All About Pinball Flyers and Collecting Them
2:00 PM Eric Meunier
A Deep Dive Into the Guns ‘N Roses Pinball
3:30 PM Custom game builders panel
7:00 PM Todd Tuckey, Frank Lindenmuth, et al.
Avoiding Lemons

Saturday, NOVEMBER 20th 2021

9:30 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
(we had news from the IAAPA show, Dick Hamill on new code and better rules for early solid-state games, the Delaware Pinball Collective, Funspot in NH, and a huge donation to Project Pinball)
11:00 AM Kevin O’Connor
The Pinball Art Process Over the Years
1:00 PM Michael Grant
Stern Pinball update
1:30 PM Zach Weddington and the Arcade Dreams team
Progress report on the Arcade Dreams documentary
2:30 PM Ryan White
Chicago Gaming update
3:00 PM Martin Ayub and Dave Marston
The Pinball Business Changes from the 20th to 21st Century
4:00 PM David Fix
American Pinball update and the American Dream Challenge
Autograph session just after 5:00 PM
6:00 PM Jack Guarnieri and Martin Ayub
Jersey Jack Pinball Update


Friday, JUNE 28th 2019

9:30 AM Eric Stone
Improve Your Pinball Play
11:00 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
12:30 PM Butch Peel
Deep Dive into the Chocolate (Willy Wonka pinball)
1:30 PM Custom game builders panel
2:30 PM Tim Sexton
From Competing to Coding (Featuring Black Knight: Sword of Rage)
3:30 PM Frank Lindenmuth, Tim & Tom Roth, Todd Tuckey
Answering Your Submitted Tech Questions
5:30 PM Peter Ostrum, Julie Dawn Cole, Paris Themmen
Willy Wonka Celebrity Meet-and-Greet (Requires Friday CE pass)
7:00 PM Podcasters panel
9:00 PM Bowen Kerins
Exploring Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle

Saturday, JUNE 29th 2019

9:30 AM Peter Ostrum, Julie Dawn Cole, Paris Themmen
Willy Wonka Celebrity Meet-and-Greet (Requires Saturday CE pass)
10:30 AM Eric Meunier
Fireside Chat about his work as a game designer
12:00 Noon Joe Balcer
Pinball: How Did I Get Here?
1:00 PM Chris Franchi
My Work as an Artist
2:00 PM Peter Ostrum, Julie Dawn Cole, Paris Themmen
Interview by Derek Karamanian
3:00 PM Chris Granner
My work as a Sound Designer
4:00 PM Steve Ritchie with Tim Sexton
The Making of Black Knight: Sword of Rage
6:30 PM Jack Guarnieri and JJP staffers
Jersey Jack Pinball Update


Friday, JUNE 29th 2018

9:30 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
(we had news from Pinball Expo, Classic Playfield Reproductions, and an update on Joe Balcer’s proper credits for pinball design)
10:00 AM Eric Stone
Play Better Pinball
1:00 PM Bob Thurman
Pinball from A to F (Not Z)
2:00 PM John Greatwich
How You Can Produce Pinball Art
3:00 PM Adam Kiesler
North Star Montreal: The Battle to Legalaize Pinball for the People!
4:00 PM Butch Peel
A Deep Dive Into (Pirates of) the Caribbean
6:30 PM Jack Guarnieri & panel
Jersey Jack Pinball Update
9:00 PM Bowen Kerins
Assault on the 9 Reactors (of Total Nuclear Annihilation)

Saturday, JUNE 30th 2018

9:30 AM Todd Tuckey & Frank Lindenmuth
How We Overhaul a Pinball Machine at TNT
1:00 PM Adam Ruben
Selections from Pinball Wizards
2:00 PM Dan Spolar & panel
Meet Project Pinball
3:00 PM Joe Balcer
American Pinball: Our Journey to Date
4:00 PM Paul Faris
My Artistic Life in Pinball
Autograph session just after 5:00 PM
6:30 PM George Gomez
Stern Pinball Update


Friday, JULY 7th 2017

11:30 AM Eric Stone
Playing Tips from the Champ
1:00 PM Video by Joel & Dana Reeves
Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Spooky Pinball Story
2:00 PM Mike Thomas
Workshop discussion on building a 60-in-1 video game
3:00 PM Hugh Spahr
Musings of a Lifelong Hacker: How Pinball Electronics Work
4:00 PM Butch Peel
Dialed In!: Under the Hood
6:30 PM Todd Tuckey
Pinball: Yesterday, Today, … and Tomorrow?

Saturday, JULY 8th 2017

10:00 AM David Thiel
Sound is Half the Pinball
11:00 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
2:00 PM Barry Oursler
Fireside Chat
3:00 PM Zombie Yeti
Zombie Yeti Talks About Art
4:00 PM Steven Doellefeld
Ted Zale: One of the Unheralded Greats of Pinball Design
Autograph session just after 5:00 PM
6:00 PM Jack Guarnieri, Butch Peel, David Thiel
Jersey Jack Pinball Update


Friday, JULY 8th 2016

12:30 PM Dave Metrando
Pinball Ownership for Everyone
1:30 PM (technician panel)
Tech Tips and Challenges
2:30 PM Dave Marston
Add-A-Ball Games in New England, Italy, and Elsewhere
3:30 PM Gerry Stellenberg
Multimorphic’s P3 Pinball Platform
4:00 PM Hugh Spahr, Michael Ocean, John K. Manuelian, others
The Homebrew Pinball Panel
6:30 PM John Youssi
Sling’n Paint: Fun with Pinball Art
7:30 PM Lloyd Olson
The LTG Show

Saturday, JULY 9th 2016

10:00 AM John Trudeau
Fireside Chat (Moderator: Dave Marston)
11:00 AM reserved for late-breaking news
12:30 PM Jaap Nauta
Dutch Pinball Update
1:30 PM Jeremy Saucier
Preserving Pinball History at The Strong National Museum of Play
2:30 PM Steve Ritchie
Pinball Is My Life
4:00 PM Informal autograph session
7:00 PM Jack Guarnieri
Jersey Jack Pinball update


Friday, JULY 10th 2015

1:00 PM Lloyd Olson
Fast Relief from Pinball Troubles with LTG
2:00 PM John Greatwich
Playfield Printing and Heighway Pinball Prototyping
3:00 PM Hugh Spahr
Sharpeshooter III: Creating a Pinball Machine in 365 Days and 4742 Simple Steps
4:00 PM Gerry Stellenberg
Multimorphic P3: Moving the Industry Forward
7:00 PM Jack Guarnieri
An Evening with Jersey Jack Pinball

Saturday, JULY 11th 2015

12:30 PM Dennis Nordman & Greg Freres
Whoa Nellie! From the Garage Shop to the Stern Shop
1:30 PM Dave Marston
The History of Pinball Fandom…Updated to 2015
2:30 PM Roger Sharpe
Roger Sharpe’s World of (Licensed) Pinball
3:30 PM Reserved for late-breaking news
Includes Project Pinball Update from Dan Spolar
4:00 PM Andrew Heighway
Heighway Pinball Update
7:00 PM Lloyd Olson
The LTG Show