Distinguished Panel of Game Builders

Distinguished Panel of Game Builders

Michael Ocean: Has been teaching pinball programming as part of a college course in Computer Architecture. Lead developer for Buffy the Vampire Slayer pinball, and led programming of Cannon Lagoon for Multimorphic.

Gerry Stellenberg: The founder of Multimorphic. His P-ROC and modular/serializable driver boards (PDBs) are now used to control hundreds of custom pinball projects, and he recently expanded the product line with a second generation controller (P3-ROC) and serializable switch boards.

John Manuelian: Founder and President of Pixel Barrage Entertainment. Started by creating a real Tale of the Dragon pinball machine from a virtual pinball design.  This involved cutting his own playfield, creating the art, and eventually programming the rules.  Increasing the difficulty level even more, he created the Haunted Cruise Pin2K original playfield.

Hugh Spahr – Rethemed a Sharp Shooter 2 to Sharpe Shooter 3 pinball machine for Pintastic 2015.  The updated machine includes new rules and an animated backglass.  Designer of the Open Pinball Project (OPP) hardware and Kickstarter project.