FRIDAY, July 7
11:30 AM Eric Stone
Playing Tips from the Champ
1:00 PM Video by Joel & Dana Reeves
Things That Go Bump in the Night: The Spooky Pinball Story
2:00 PM Mike Thomas
Workshop discussion on building a 60-in-1 video game
3:00 PM Hugh Spahr
Musings of a Lifelong Hacker: How Pinball Electronics Work
4:00 PM Butch Peel
Dialed In!: Under the Hood
6:30 PM Todd Tuckey
Pinball: Yesterday, Today, … and Tomorrow?

10:00 AM David Thiel
Sound is Half the Pinball
11:00 AM Reserved for late-breaking news
2:00 PM Barry Oursler
Fireside Chat
3:00 PM Zombie Yeti
Zombie Yeti Talks About Art
4:00 PM Steven Doellefeld
Ted Zale: One of the Unheralded Greats of Pinball Design
Autograph session just after 5:00 PM
6:00 PM Jack Guarnieri, Butch Peel, David Thiel
Jersey Jack Pinball Update

Jeremy Packer

Zombie Yeti

Zombie Yeti (Jeremy Packer) does commercial art for a wide range of A-list clients, but only became known to the pinball world
with his artwork for Magic Girl (from Zidware Pinball) and Ghostbusters (from Stern Pinball). He plans to continue doing art for coin-op games, and the acclaim he’s been getting from game buyers makes it likely we’ll see more of his “Esoteric Americana” style.
Don’t forget to grab your 2017 Pintastic poster and t-shirt designed by ZY and get them signed at the show!

Barry Oursler

Game Designer

Fan-favorite pinball game designer Barry Oursler is coming to the 2017 Pintastic New England show! Barry is best known for Gorgar, Space Shuttle, Cyclone, Fire!, and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. He contributed to the design of Pinbot, Junkyard, and Doctor Who. Of interest to New Englanders, he designed the original Bally Harley-Davidson game, where the object of the game is to get to Laconia, NH. More recently, he has been a design consultant to UK-based Heighway Pinball.

David Thiel

Sound Creator

Sound creator David Thiel will come to Pintastic New England to discuss his stints in the coin-op business dating back to Q-Bert
at Gottlieb. He helped Data East Pinball challenge their competitors in the audio realm with his work on Time Machine – billed as the first singing pinball game. In the past decade he worked on the sound for Stern Pinball’s TRON Legacy, AC/DC, several Marvel Comics titles, and more. David created some very intense music and sound for Aliens by Heighway Pinball.  Two of my favorite machines by David are The Hobbit and Dialed In from Jersey Jack Pinball – they are masterpieces!
Don’t miss David’s seminar – we are rigging the seminar room with surround sound to BLOW YOU AWAY!

Jack Guarnieri

Jersey Jack Pinball

Jersey Jack Pinball will be represented at Pintastic New England by “Jersey Jack” Guarnieri himself, David Thiel, and Butch Peel. Jack started in the coin-op business in 1975 and is a leader in direct-to-home sales of commercial equipment. Jack is a very special friend that was there from the beginning to support Pintastic.  What he has accomplished with JJP is nothing short of amazing!
Once again Jack will be buying pizza for everyone so DON’T MISS IT!

Eric Stone

Eric has amazed the pinball tournament circuit by rocketing from a ranking over 1000th to the world’s top 64 in a year. After he gets back from the IFPA14 World Championship in Denmark, he will be at Pintastic to give playing tips in a special workshop session. The tutorial will be aimed at those who have a basic sense of how to aim where they flip and want to move ahead to making many of the common maneuvers that increase control. Eric has been playing since age 4 and only recently resolved to hone his skills; you too can improve a lot in a short time!

Todd Tuckey

TNT Amusements

Those who attend Pintastic New England will also be able to meet and hear from Todd Tuckey, who buys, repairs, and sells used
coin-op games in the Philadelphia area. He has made over 1200 video clips about pinball and other coin-op machines for his TNT Amusements YouTube channel.

Lyman Sheats

Pinball Programmer

Another special guest at Pintastic is world-class pinball player Lyman Sheats. By day, he writes software for Stern Pinball and has done “game code” for other pinball manufacturers going back to 1993. Lyman is a native New Englander and graduate of Northeastern University.

Butch Peel

Jersey Jack Pinball

Butch Peel is a favorite among Pinball fans, especially those who own JJP products, for the deep detail that he puts into documentation and his presentations at pinball shows. He’ll be back at Pintastic to give an update on happenings at Jersey Jack Pinball.

Steven Doellefeld

A scholar, author, and lifelong pinball aficionado, Steven Doellefeld is offering his first seminar in the pinball genre. He has focused his investigative and research skills on the life and career of one of the all-time greats of pinball design: Bally’s enigmatic, notoriously reclusive and private Ted Zale. Chock full of rarely-seen documents and information, this seminar will bring a lot of new information to light, and add significantly to the pinball historical record.